Screen Printing Fort Wayne

Casual Envy Apparel offers a large array of custom printed apparel using screen printing, vinyl, plasitol transfers, glitter & more. This allows us to require no minimum on all orders. If you need 1 shirt customized we can do it, if you need 1000 shirts screen printed, we can do it. 

Screen Printing is a tecnique where a water based or plasitol based ink is pushed thru a screen that has been masked with a burnt in image only allowing ink to flow thru the open screen to tranfer onto the shirt. 

 Screen Printing is normally used for larger orders of the same shirt design with one or multiple colors. Below is an example of a one color screen printed shirt for Rome City Elementary Archery club.

Fort wayne screen printing - Rome City Archery

 For more information on Screen Printing or to place an order in Fort Wayne contact us.

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