Dye Sublimation Fort Wayne

Casual Envy Apparel is proud to announce a partnership for dye sublimated shirts, being one of the first in Fort Wayne Indiana to offer shirts using the dye sublimation process. 

Dye Sublimation is a new popular technique for the apparel industry where the shirt image is actually dyed into polyester fabric vs screen printed, vinyl or transfers.

The featured jersey image above is an example of a fully sublimated jersey. The actual process involved requires the shirt to professionaly cut in half, dyed using the dye sublimation process and the professionaly sewn back together.

You can also have individual shirt images done where it is not required to have the shirt disassembled like a logo, graphic, name or any image smaller than approximately 8.5" x 14" can be done to white & lighter color shirts, socks, bandanas, headbands & arm sleeves.

When ordering shirts or apparel from us using this process please get your orders in early & allow extra time to receive your order. 

For more information about or to order dye sublimation or dye sublimated shirts in Fort Wayne Indiana contact us

Thanks for reading. Mike 😀


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